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Patient observer of the stars. Grinning wild-child of the mountain and the ocean. Adventurous spirit with camera in hand. Captures moments of wonder and serenity. Based in Chester Uk, Sam is an photographer with a focus in adventure, commercial and active lifestyle.

My approach to photography is about capturing the experience and story of the subject, I feel its very important to capture honest and real emotion through the work produced and thats why I strive for genuine images that have an understanding beyond a single image. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and thats the goal I always aim to achieve. Whether you’re looking to show off the quality of your wares, encapsulate your ethos, or spotlight your amiable folks, I will work with you to ensure that your images say exactly what you want them to say. 

Im highly adaptable with my style of work ranging from studio to lifestyle to outdoors and comfortable and confident with my abilities and skills. This means I'm able to quickly adapt and react to any situation whilst remaining professional and in control which translates into quality imagery whatever the conditions.

Im excited to hear your ideas and how we can work together. Please fill out the form below to discuss further or give me a call. 

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